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    Google updates the public aware of the terms Youtube does not allow users to download any video, any applications available in Google Play Store has to follow these terms to avoid the ‘dumped’ by Google without any notis.Sebenarnya, there are many ways to download this video from youtube website to your computer. The easiest way and not a bane is through web based platform. The second and third through software via internet browser plugin.

    One thing to remember is that the downloaded file is usually in flv format. Therefore, you need a FLV player installed on your computer to play video downloaded from YouTube’s website.


    KeepVid is the most popular website for now and be the first choice to download YouTube video easily. Simply put the YouTube video URL and download links will be removed immediately. You can also download the video in either FLV or MP4 format.


    Website that simply allows you to download videos from websites such as YouTube and MetaCafe and MySpace website. As KeepVid, put the URL of the video to be downloaded and a link to download will appear.


    For anyone who wants a video in another format, can try VideoGetting because it supports conversion into formats such as WMV, MP3, MP4, MOV, 3GP, AVI, MPG, MPEG. But, you may feel annoying pop-ups and advertisements on the website.

    There are many web based platform that allows you to download video from youtube but mostly have lots of pop-ups and advertisements that can make you feel fibers.

    YouTubeDownloader for Android

    is the most easy to use application. Using official Youtube application, you simply need to select the ‘Share’, then select ‘Youtube Downloader’ from the list of options. From there there will be some quality and codec list that can be clicked to continue downloading into your SD Card. Do not forget also that it supports the function of ‘extraction’ mp3 audio of the videos.


    This application is the most ‘mild’ between the third ga-three applications that we are talking about today. But do not underestimate his ability. Because it also offers the same functions as YouTubeDownloader for Android as a choice of quality, the option to play a video or directly download and also the ‘load’ faster.


    For me, TubeMate is my favorite application to download videos from Youtube. This is because we can continue to play video from YouTube via apps TubeMate, does not need an external video player to the application or official Youtube application itself. Do not forget the attractive design and a bit ‘hit’ with the theme of Youtube.

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    If the video can not be played by your player (not out of the picture), I highly recommend you to use KMPlayer without requiring codecs imported from outside such as ffdshow. I personally use KMPlayer since 2 years ago.

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